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Tip 9
Change the Background Style or Format a Background

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Change the Background Style or Format your Background

When you want to format the background for one slide or for all the slides. You can change the Background Style or Hide Background Graphics under the Design tab, in the Background group. To remove your background graphic, click on the checkbox next to the Hide Background Graphics feature in the Background group.

Design Tab, Background group

To change your background style, you can click on the Backgound Styles button under the Design Tab,in the Background group. When you click on the button the Background Styles gallery displays, and you can choose your style.

You can point to each of the background styles to view the style on your slide, and you can right-click on the style to display the shortcut menu. You can click on Apply to Selected Slides or Apply to All Slides.

Background Styles gallery

When you click on the Format Background... feature or the Dialog box Launcher button Dialog Box Launcher on the bottom right corner of the Background group, you will get the Format Background dialog box as shown below. With one slide selected, you can choose the Fill or Picture option button and change the format. Once you click on the Close command button, your change takes place to the current slide, or if you want to format the background of all of the slides, then click on the Apply to All command button.

Format Background Dialog box

Figure 1: Format Background Dialog Box

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