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Tip 4
The PowerPoint Window

 slide presentation graphic

Viewing the PowerPoint Window

Take a moment to identify the many parts of the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 presentation window.

PowerPoint 2010 Window with Screen Elements Identified; Descriptions of Elements described below the picture.

i.e. The PowerPoint 2010 Window

Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 Screen Elements

Screen Element


Ribbon Organizes commands on tabs, and then groups the commands by topic for performing related presentation tasks.
File tab Displays a list of commands related to things you can do with a presentation, such as opening, saving, printing, or sharing.
Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) Displays buttons to perform frequently used commands with a single click. Frequently used commands in PowerPoint include Save, Undo, and Repeat. For commands that you use frequently, you can add additional buttons to the Quick Access Toolbar.
Title bar Displays the name of the presentation and the name of the program. The Minimize, Maximize/Restore Down, and Close window control buttons are grouped on the right side of the title bar.
Ribbon tabs Display across the top of the Ribbon, and each tab relates to a type of task-related activity within PowerPoint.
Program-level control buttons Minimizes, restores or closes the program window.
Groups Indicate the name of the groups of related commands on each displayed tab.
Slide pane Displays a large image of the active slide in PowerPoint.
View buttons A set of commands that control the look of the presentation window.
Notes pane Displays below the Slide pane and allows you to type notes regarding the active side.
Status bar A horizontal bar at the bottom of the presentation window that displays the current slide number, number of slides in a presentation,Theme Name, View buttons, and Zoom slider.
Slides/Outline pane Displays either all of the slides in the presentation in the form of miniature images called thumbnails (Slides tab) or the presentation outline (Outline tab) .

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