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Tip 2
Starting PowerPoint 2010

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There are several ways to start the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 program.

1. To start PowerPoint, you can click the Office Windows 7 Office Button button on the taskbar and click on the All Programs submenu, navigate to the Microsoft Office folder, click to open it, then click Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 program.

Start Menu Microsoft Office Programs

Figure 1: Start Menu, All Programs, Microsoft Office Folder
2. You can also open the Microsoft Office Shortcut folder icon: Microsoft Office folder shortcut icon on the desktop by double-clicking it and then clicking on the Microsoft PowerPoint 2010 program.

3. In addition, you could start the PowerPoint program by clicking on the PowerPoint icon PowerPoint icon on the taskbar.


1. Open the Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010 program. When the PowerPoint program starts, the PowerPoint startup window opens, as shown in the figure below. The default name is Presentation 1.

PowerPoint 2010 New Presentation window

Figure 2: PowerPoint Presentation 1 Window

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