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In order to help us improve our program, we would like to learn more about your skills and attitudes after participating in AEC services. Participation in this survey is voluntary. If you choose not to participate, it will not affect your status in the program or the class. The survey will take approximately 5 minutes. If you need assistance completing this survey, your instructor will provide this assistance. Thank you for your time.

1. Check what AEC support service you participate in:

Job Preparation (may include: CareerPrep, HOPE, WorkAbility III)

2. As a result of your time spent in the AEC program, how much did you learn about:

2a. Your disability(ies) / limitation (s):

2b. How much did you learn about how your disability / limitation affects your learning:

2c. What accommodations you need to be successful in school:

3. How much do you agree with the following statements about yourself?
3a. I am comfortable communicating my need for accommodations with my instructor:

3b. I have identified my educational goals:

3c. I have made a plan for my educational goals:

3d. I check in on whether or not I am achieving my educational goals:

4). Overall, how satisfied are you with the services you have received from the AEC program?

5). If you receive testing accommodations or test with the Accessible Education Center, please rate your current satisfaction. If not satisfied, please explain below. (Leave question blank if it does not apply.)

6). What suggestions do you have to help improve our AEC services (Be specific as possible)?

Please click on the SUBMIT button when you are finished with the survey.

Send comments to Jane Maringer-Cantu, AEC Instructor
Last modified April 22, 2018