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Eng 440 Summer 2006
Censored Art

Art for a Change The story of how Picasso's Guernica, pictured above, was covered with blue plastic in January 2003, just in time for Colin Powell's speech on why the world should go to war against Iraq.
Curtains Up on
Risque U.S. Statues
Article about the two statues at the U.S. Department of Justice that were mysteriously covered up, and then just as mysteriously uncovered 3 years later.
A (Very) Brief History
of Provocative
and Censured Art
A Free Expressions Policy Project, by Marjorie Heins. Attempts at censoring art through the ages, from artifacts discovered at Pompeii that were kept in a 'secret' room, all the way to the U.S. Post Office tampering with photos of Jackson Pollock to get rid of his cigarette. This is a powerpoint presentation.
Wielding the Red Pen Project on censorship in the various artistic forms by the University of Virginia Library features many pages dedicated to a variety of censorship topics: Banned adult and children's literature, movies, music, art and film.
Balzac and the
Little Chinese Seamstress
Wikipedia article about the book, with a plot summary and character descriptions. To see critical reviews, interviews and biographies of the author, go to the Gavilan Library homepage and use Literature Resource Center.
Google Search Engine Search for information about censored art. You can also try the Image search.
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