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Welcome to the Information Competency Modules for your AH/BIO11 Nutrition class. For the next 4 weeks, you will have Internet assignments designed to give you experience finding and evaluating information about the controversies covered in your text.

Each module will have one lecture, which you'll use to try different searches and experiment with different evaluation techniques. Take notes as you work through these modules. Then, take the Internet quiz for that controversy. Quizzes are based on the searching you did in the module, and you'll have 2 opportunities to take most of them. I'm expecting all of you to get 100% for each quiz.

Each of the 8 quizzes will be worth 4 points, for a grand total of 32 points. Your scores will be added to your total grade for your main AH/BIO11 Nutrition class.

My name is Jo Anne Howell and I am one of the reference librarians at the Gavilan Library. I'll be checking your work and answering any questions you might have. If you run into any problems, you can email me at

Pay close attention to the closing dates for each quiz. All of the quizzes will open on Wednesday morning, June 21st. After that, 2 quizzes will close each week on Monday night, until the last two (#7 and #8) will close on Tuesday night, July 18. Each one will close on a Tuesday night at 11:55 pm, 5 minutes before midnight.

Remember, all modules and quizzes will open on Wednesday morning, June 21st. If you'd like, you can go in then and complete all 8 modules at once. Then you won't have to worry about closing dates.

Good luck to all of you and have fun! And please let me know if you have any questions or problems.

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