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3 Units


Career Fitness Program by Sukiennik, Bendat & Raufman, 9th Edition, Prentice Hall

Instructional Materials fee:  $12.

Course Description:
This course is designed to assist the student in learning more about personal values, personality, interests, exploration of career choice, and occupational opportunities through the use of various personal assessment instruments. 
Weekly Class Meetings:
Class attendance and participation is extremely important.  Class members will meet each week for lecture, discussion, and interactive career development exercises.  Regular punctual attendance is required during the semester.  Textbook and course materials must be brought to each class meeting.  Refer to the Gavilan College catalogue for the campus attendance policy.  If you miss more than two classes you may be dropped from the class.  Let me know if you must miss a class meeting and contact a classmate for notes and assignments.
A passing grade will be earned based upon satisfactory completion of all course requirements and assignments turned in by due dates.  Students will take the Strong Interest Inventory, Keirsey Assessment and the COPS Interest Assessment in class.  Students will read textbook chapters and complete assignments prior to each weekly meeting.  Follow the Homework & Assignment list (handed out in class).
Student Honesty Policy:
Students are expected to exercise academic honesty and integrity.  Violations such as cheating and plagiarism will result in disciplinary action which may include recommendation for dismissal.
ADA Accommodation:

Students requiring special services or arrangements because of hearing, visual, or other disability should contact their instructor, counselor, or the Disability Resource Center:

(408) 848-4865

Assignments & Requirements:
All assignments must be completed.  Students will be graded on completeness and the amount of thought and reflection demonstrated.  Points will be deducted for late work.

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