Gavilan College celebrates 400 years of Don Quijote

The History of Don Quixote - Translated by Thomas Shelton

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[The Translator’s Dedication to Part I.]

To the Right Honourable His Very Good Lord,
The Lord of Walden, etc.


Mine Honourable Lord, —

Having translated some five or six years ago, the History of Don Quixote, out of the Spanish tongue into English, in the space of forty days, —being thereunto more than half enforced through the importunity of a very dear friend that was desirous to understand the subject,— after I had given him once a view thereof, I cast it aside, where it lay long time neglected in a corner, and so little regarded by me, as I never once set hand to review or correct thee same. Since when, at the entreaty of others my friends, I was content to let it come to light, conditionally that some one or other would peruse and amend the errors escaped, my many affairs hindering me from undergoing that labour. Now, I understand by the printer that the copy was presented to your Honour, which did, at the first, somewhat disgust me; because as it must pass, I fear much it will prove far unworthy either of your noble view or protection. Yet since it is mine, though abortive, I do humbly entreat that your Honour will lend it a favourable countenance, thereby to animate the parent thereof to produce in time some worthier subject, in your honourable name, whose many rare virtues have already rendered me so highly devoted to your service, as I will some day give very evident tokens of the same; and till then I rest,—
Your Honour’s most affectionate Servitor,

Thomas Shelton.



[The Publisher’s Dedication to Part II.]

To the Right Honourable
George, Marquis Buckingham, Viscount Villiers,

Baron of Whaddon; Lord High Admiral of England; Justice in Eyre of all His Majesty’s Forests, Parks, and Chases beyond Trent; Master of the Horse to His Majesty, and One of the Gentlemen of His Majesty’s Bed-Chamber; Knight of the Most Noble Order of the Garter; and One of His Majesty’s Most Honourable Privy Council of England and Scotland.


Right Noble Lord, —

humble servant hath observed, in the multitude of books that have passed his hands, no small variety of dedications, and those severally sorted to their presenters’ ends: some for the mere ambition of great names; others for the desire or need of protection; many to win friends, and so favour and opinion; but most for the more sordid respect, gain. This humbly offers into your Lordship’s presence with none of these deformities; but as a bashful stranger, newly arrived in English, having originally had the fortune to be born commended to a Grandee of Spain, and, by the way of translation, the grace to kiss the hands of a great lady of France, could not despair of less courtesy in the Court of Great Britain than to be received of your Lordship’s delight, his study being to sweeten those short starts of your retirement from public affairs which so many so unseasonably, even to molestation, trouble.

By him who most truly honours, and humbly professes all duties to your Lordship,

Ed. Blount.

Gavilan College celebrates 400 years of Don Quijote

The History of Don Quixote - Translated by Thomas Shelton

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