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Luis Astrana Marín
Vida ejemplar y heroica de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra
Index and Chronology of Cervantes' Life
by Phyllis S. Emerson


Luis Astrana Marín's Vida ejemplar y heroica de Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra was initially made available online in 2001 by the Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes. It was removed from the website in 2004, in response to a complaint from Editorial Reus, S.A., the original publisher of the book.

The present version was recovered from the Internet Archive (, the Biblioteca Virtual Universal de Argentina (, and from the archives of the Universidad de Alicante ( and the Real Academia Española (

Phyllis S. Emerson's Index and Chronology of Cervantes' Life is from the online version provided by the Cervantes Society of America (

The CD contains the entire text of Astrana Marín's Vida, including all notes and illustrations. It is completely searchable. In addition, all entries in Phyllis S. Emerson's Index are linked to the referenced pages - a click goes directly to the text or note.

Due to the unresolved dispute between Editorial Reus and the Biblioteca Virtual de Miguel de Cervantes, the material on this CD is intended for academic use only. It should not be uploaded to a public server.

By submitting this order you agree to abide by these restrictions.

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