Math 402  Prealgebra


Spring 2011

M W F 8:10-9:20    classroom: PB07

Instructor:    David Wisneski

Textbook:   entire online textbook here.
                  Chapter table of contents

Green Sheet:   click here.

Office Hours:  M W F after class


·         Final Exam Monday May 23, 8am.  This is your last chance to retake any exams you have not passed.

·         We will be doing algebra for students planning to take Math 205 “Elementary Algebra” next semester.

·         Friday May 13th, we will review decimals.  Next week we will review ratios and percentages.  These reviews are for students who need to retake one or more exams to pass the course.

Web sites for basic arithmetic and algebra drills

Due Date      Homework problems

5/2                 HW09   Percent

4/25               HW08   Ratios and Proportions

4/18               HW07   Decimals;  square roots

4/11               HW06   Decimals

3/28               HW05   Decimals

3/11               HW04   Fractions Adding & Subtracting

3/7                 HW03   Fractions

2/14               HW02   Integers

2/7                 HW01   Whole Numbers