CSIS 45: C++ Programming I   

Spring 2015
-- starts January 25, 2015 --
Lecture or Online


Welcome to the information page for CSIS 45. Please send your email address to me at dvantassel@gavilan.edu so I will be able to contact you as needed. 

You will be able to access the course BEFORE January 25, 2015. If you e-mail me after enrolling for the class, I will set up an account for you and you can start on the course earlier. Students that attend some lectures/labs usually do quite good in this course, but contrast online-only students often do poorly. So plan to attend some lectures.

Click on the log on button below and follow the instructions. You must log on and begin the course within 3 days of the start of the class, or you may be dropped to make space for students wishing to add. There are 3 simple assignments, you can do without needing the textbook. Please contact me by email if you have any questions.

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How to 
Log in:
You will be able to log into the class before the first week of classes.


Dennie Van Tassel, dvantassel@gavilan.edu
Office: Morgan Hill site
Office hours: Sundays 4-7:30 PM (during Fall/Spring semesters only)

CSIS Department

Date, Time & Place: This class is a hybrid class. That means you take it as a regular Lecture class, or as an Online class, or some combinatin of that. Online students are welome to attend lectures/labs. Students will be required to complete assigned readings, writings, online discussion, quizzes or exams, and projects each week. There will be weekly due dates, but students may log on to complete work at any time during the week. 
Description: An introduction to the concepts and methods of computer programming using C++. Students will be introduced to procedural and object-oriented programming design methodology. Topics covered include variable and constant declarations, selection statements, repetition, functions and recursion, arrays, strings, pointers, and an introduction to classes and objects. This course has the option of a letter grade or credit/no credit.
Objectives: Students will learn program in the C++ programming language.  This course is the recommended advisory course for all other programming courses except CSIS 10. CSIS 45 transfers to both UC and CSU, and is a required course in many majors at 4-year universities, such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics, etc. And programming is a requirement for employment in many fields, and useful for your Resume to help obtain interviews.
Web Orientations: The Gavilan Library will offer several orientations to online courses during the first two weeks of the semester. If you have never taken an online course, this orientation will provide critical information to help you be successful in this class. If you are unable to attend an orientation on campus, an online tutorial will be available. For more details see the schedule of orientations
Text: A First Book of C++, Fourth Edition, by Gary Bronson, Course Technology, ISBN-10: 1-111-53100-5. The books are available in the Gavilan bookstore or online (see syllabus).
Syllabus: For more details, you can see the class syllabus for the current semester.

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