CSIS 20: COBOL Programming    

Fall 2012
CRN 10806, online-only class


Welcome to the information page for CSIS 20. Please send your email address to me at dvantassel@gavilan.edu so I will be able to contact you as needed. 

You will be able to access the course by August 29, 2012, or if you e-mail me after enrolling for the class, I will set up an account for you and you can start on the course earlier. Click on the log on button below and follow the instructions. You must log on and begin the course by posting your first discussion item the first week of the class, or you will be dropped to make space for students wishing to add. Please contact me by email if you have any questions.

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CSIS Department

Date, Time & Place: Online
This class is a hybrid class, meaning there are 2 versions of the course, online or lecture, and you can take either version and come to lectures as desired. All programming courses are difficult to do online, but much easier if you come to lectures. Students that attend lectures consistently get higher grades for the course, especially if you do not have prior programming experience. Students will be required to complete assigned readings, writings, online discussion, quizzes or exams, and projects each week. There will be weekly due dates, but students may log on to complete work at any time during the week. 

An introductory course in the language COBOL. Suggested for students interested in business and commercial data processing. Structured COBOL statements, COBOL syntax, modular program planning techniques, and business data processing applications from initial job application phase through programming and testing will be studied. The student has the opportunity for extensive programming experience on the college computer. This course has the option of a letter grade or pass/no pass.

Objectives: Students will learn COBOL programming language.   COBOL is an old programming language that is still much used. Knowing COBOL will be a large plus on a resume, when applying for many programming jobs. CSIS 20 transfers to both UC and CSU.
Web Orientations: The Gavilan Library will offer several orientations to online courses during the first two weeks of the semester. If you have never taken an online course, this orientation will provide critical information to help you be successful in this class. If you are unable to attend an orientation on campus, an online tutorial will be available. For more details see the schedule of orientations
Texts: Structured COBOL Programming, by Gary B. Shelly (Author), et al., Course Technology, ISBN-10: 0-7895-5703-7. See syllabus for other useful books.
The books are available in the Gavilan bookstore or online.
Syllabus: For more details, you can see the class syllabus for the current semester.

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