Internet Assignment 3

It can be interesting to compare the information available to the public with information from experts. This is what we are going to do while researching diabetes. We are going to look at an article in Good Housekeeping and then compare information from the article with recommendations from the American Diabetes Association. It is recommended that you read the instructions before starting. You may want to print the instructions before continuing or take some notes.

We are going to start in the library. Go to the Gavilan College Home Page at

  1. Scroll down and click on the library link.
  2. Find and click on the Ebsco Host Icon in the large circle on the right.
  3. Next click on Ebsco Host Web.
  4. Next click on Master File Premier and then click on the Continue button just above.
  5. Type in "diabetes" in the search box.
  6. Before you click on search, scroll down and enter "Good Housekeeping" in the publication field.

Now, click search.

Your entries should look like this:

Find the article titled, "Diabetes and Me," by Richard Eisenberg.

Read the article to answer questions 1and 2 below.

  1. According to the Good Housekeeping article, How much exercise should a Type II diabetic do each week?
  2. What are the dietary recommendations to Mr. Eisenberg?

  1. What are the American Diabetes Association's (ADA)dietary recommendations for Diabetes? Go to the ADA link above and look at the options listed on the left side of the screen to answer questions 3 - 4.
  2. What are their recommendations for exercise?

  1. After reviewing information from the ADA, do you think Mr. Eisenberg's doctor gave him the correct information? Explain. Compare and contrast the information.
  2. Enter your answers in the textbox below.


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