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GUID 1--Personal Assessment and Career Development!

Would you like to:

  • Learn about your strengths and skills?
  • Discover what you value most?
  • Identify majors and careers that will make you happy to get up in the morning?
  • Be able to do online research on cool careers?
  • Find out the best places to work and why?
  • Network with peers and community members as you investigate ALL your options?

We will be covering this information and much, much more in class. To begin with, click the link below to go to the publisher's webpage for the textbook:

The Career Fitness Program--Exercising Your Options by Sukiennik, Bendat & Raufman.  You will find practice tests and links to interesting sites on the web with additional information about topics presented in the chapters, as well as sets of questions for you to answer that will get you thinking more personally about the material that we cover. 
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