You must contact me by Friday, May 4 if you plan to do any of the following Extra Credit activities. I will give you further instructions at that time. 

You can

*talk to me in class or

*send me an email at or

*send me a message from the Etudes site


Extra Credit Option #1

Eureka Assignment for Extra Credit

(20 points)

Complete entire Eureka assignment a 2nd time.  Follow all original instructions


instead of taking the TRUE COLORS test,

select one of the other assessments to take and print out.

EurekaAssignment (print out one copy)

Eureka Career Data Sheet (print out two sheets)


Extra Credit Option #2

Extra Informational Interview

(30 points)

You may conduct a 2nd Informational Interview for extra credit.  You will turn in a

  • 1 to 2 page summary of your experience as well as the list of questions you asked and the answers you received.  This report MUST BE TYPED.  


NOTE:  See the Final Portfolio Assignment for additional information on the content for the Informational Interview report.


Extra Credit Option #3

Personality Test and Interest Inventories

(20 points)

Take this opportunity to learn more about yourself, and compare the results to the other assessments that you've taken this semester.

You will receive 10 points for the first test. If you take 2 or more tests and turn in the results, you will receive an additional 10 points for a maximum of 20 points. 

Click on the Test Data Sheet first.  Instructions for the specific test are listed there.  Then, click on the Icon next to the Data Sheet--it will take you to the website where you can take the test.  When you have completed the test, print out the results (including the descriptions), fill out the Data Sheet, staple together, and turn in to me. 



  Jung Typology Test Data Sheet



small product photoPersonality Pathways Test Data Sheet       



  small product photo

          Personality Type Test Data Sheet                                                      



       Enneagram Test Data Sheet