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Psychology Professor and Licensed Psychologist in CA (PSY 20356) and in NY (015719)




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(7) Self-Worth Screening Scale and (8) Ways to Improve Self-Worth




I am a psychology professor at Gavilan College. I was raised in San Francisco, California, and have been fortunate to amass clinical and teaching experience (e.g., staff clinical

psychologist, clinical supervisor, consultant, associate professor of psychology and counseling) in a variety of mental health and academic settings around the United States.



Postdoctoral Resident (Child, Family and Adult Psychotherapy, and Behavioral Medicine), Department of Psychiatry, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center (Oakland, CA)

Ph.D., Clinical Psychology, University of Cincinnati (OH)

Predoctoral Fellow (Substance Abuse Treatment and Outpatient Psychotherapy), Department of Psychiatry, Yale University School of Medicine (New Haven, CT)

M.Div. Coursework, Andrews University Theological Seminary (Berrien Springs, MI)

M.S., Counseling and Mental Health, California State University, East Bay (Hayward, CA)

B.A., Psychology, San Francisco State University

Diploma, Lowell High School (San Francisco, CA)



Licensed Psychologist (PSY 20356), State of California

Licensed Psychologist (015719), New York State Education Department

Health Service Psychologist (50889), National Register of Health Service Psychologists

Master Addictions Counselor (4541), National Association of Forensic Counselors

Certified Alcohol Other Drug Counselor-Advanced (5962), California Association of DUI Treatment Programs

Board Certified Professional Christian Counselor (0079), American Association of Christian Counselors



I have published articles in such journals as Psychotherapy, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Social Work, and the Annals of the New York Academy

of Sciences, and presented hundreds of seminars on various spiritual health, mental health, physical health, and relationship health topics all over the

United States, in Toronto, Ontario, and in Guyana, South America.


I decided to become a Psychologist at age 17 while taking a psychology class my junior year in high school. I have never, ever regretted the decision.

I very much enjoy teaching because it provides an excellent forum to sensitize students to the rich application of psychology to every sphere of life.

During my teaching career, psychology majors have surprised me with awards such as Instructor of the Year, Most Inspirational Teacher, and Most

Interesting Class. During my doctoral studies, I received a full scholarship from the University of Cincinnati as well as a scholarship from the National

Association of Black Psychologists. My doctoral dissertation received an “Honorable Mention” (3rd place) from the American Psychological

Association Committee for Ethnic Minority Affairs.


For recreation, I run! (especially 5K races), play Scrabble, try to keep up with the latest holistic health advances, and travel. I am a strong believer

in the adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” and therefore strive in my own life to practice a lifestyle (i.e., NEWSSTARTT

that not only prevents disease, but maximizes overall (holistic) health. If you’re interested in a career in psychology or want information on how to

achieve optimal overall health, feel free to contact me.


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Some Quotes/Sayings to Live by from Me to You

“Let no one or no thing derail you from your passion or mission, especially yourself!”

“Procrastination is a dagger in the back of academic success (and life success for that matter) causing students unnecessary stress, and hemorrhaging their academic enjoyment, their academic learning, and their academic performance”—pull it out before it takes you out!

“People can take almost anything from you, including your life, but they can’t

  take away your health and educationso get all you can.

“True joy comes from serving, not being served.”


“What better way to live than give.”

What makes life worth living is giving.”

“If your happiness comes from giving rather than getting, you have plenty of

 opportunity to feel this way.”

“Giving springs from viewing people as more important than my time, my money,

  and my things.”

“Love is choosing over and over to say and do the things only for the best

  good of another—its a principle practiced that should not be based on feelings.”

No judging, just lovingthis isnt easy, but its something we must all do.

“Too many find it easier to raise their voice and hands to harm, than their voice and hands to help.

It takes more out of you to hate than it does to love.

If you truly want to appreciate and enjoy life, live in the present—yesterday has

  come and gone, tomorrow isnt here yet, and neither is breathing like you are now!


“The best jobs I’ve ever had, had me.”


“Those who don’t take care of business (TCB) are soon out of business (OOB).”

“If you keep busy doing the right things, you'll have no time for the wrong things.”

“Life is a lot about timing: the convergence of readiness and opportunity”—are you

  on ready-alert so that when opportunity knocks you’re already at the door?

“Optimism is the life blood of motivation.”

“Dreams without drive turn into nightmares.”

Dream BIG, and then take the necessary small steps to get there.”

“Wisdom has to come from above if we don’t want to be-low.”

“If I had to do it all over again, Id start from above.

“The goal is not to be the best, but to do the best you can.”


“If you don’t think much of yourself, itll be hard to believe that anyone will either.”

If people dont see it in you, telling them about it wont make it so.

“It’s not only difficult to give what you don’t have, but to receive what you feel you

  don’t deserve.”


“Too often, we make things harder than they have to be.”

“Many continue in a path that seems right to them because they haven’t been informed

  of a better way.”

“Everyone can benefit from a check up from the neck-up.”

“You can’t lead anybody anywhere they don’t already want to go, so if they’re not

  budging, back-off or you’ll push them away.”

“Judge others less, and yourself more!

“Stay on top of your studies or they will stay on top of you—and crush you.”

Youve got to get to the point where you study because you want to, not because you have to. Otherwise, youll never enjoy school, and get the most out of it.

True education encompasses more than just enhancement of the mental faculties—what

  about the physical, social and spiritual dimensions?”


“You can do what you wanna do when you wanna do it; you just don’t wanna do it

  yet, if at all.”

Its not the immensity of a task that makes it difficult, but the smallness of the

  motivation brought to it.

“If you want to succeed in school (and life in general), you must practice self-discipline:

 doing what you’ve got to do whether you feel like it or not because it needs to be done.”

“It takes most, if not all your time, energy and effort to be someone else, but little if

  any to be yourself.”


“Next time someone does you wrong, do them right.”

“Don’t want anyone to drive you crazy? Then don’t get into the car with her or him”—refuse

  to let what she or he says or does get to you, push your buttons, or get under your skin.

Tired of people pushing your buttons? Then get rid of your buttons and theyll have nothing to push.”

“Don’t ask me what I think, if you want only to hear yourself.”

I cant think for you, but I can give you something to think about.

“How can you take care of two—that relationship with your boyfriend, girlfriend or

  spouse—when you can’t even take care of one—that relationship with yourself?”


“No one made you do it, you chose to.”

“Chose to do the right thing in the vulnerable moment.”

“Three torpedoes sink a persons life: one from within—low self-esteem, and two from

  without—unhealthy relationships with someone or some thing/activity.”

“If the cost of staying is greater than the cost of leaving and theres no change in sight,

 get out!”


“Eat to live, don’t live to eat,” and while youre at it, Drink to live, dont live to drink.


“We take better care of the cars we ride in than our bodies we reside in.”


“If you neglect your health, you’re casting to the ground most important wealth.”

If I had to choose, Id rather be wellthy than wealthy.

The fountain of youth is found in a lifestyle in harmony with the laws of health.

When I die, I want it to be because of old age, not because of this age.

Overweight? If you want to lose 10+ pounds and keep it off, drop dinner; if you want to lose 25+ pounds and keep it off, drop dinner and fast food; if you want to lose 40+

  pounds and keep it off, drop dinner and fast food, and exercise to the point of perspirationat least three times a week for 50 minutesguaranteed if you stick with it.

“A little exercise every now and then is a lot better than no exercise all the time—so do

 whatever you can whenever you can.


“Most of the time, we have a love-hate relationship with almost everything.”

“Life is about gain and loss, and one has to be able to handle both to survive.”

“Life should be more about growing up (becoming a better and better person), and not

  going up (climbing the pay scale).

“Materialism is an obsessional desire for more and more and better and better

  things—and one is never satisfied enough.”

Once you distinguish between needs (necessary for survival) and wants (not necessary

  for survival), and focus much less on striving for wants; stress decreases and contentment


“Addiction to anything is often a time-sucker, academic obstructer, mind messer-upper,

  health disrupter, relationship corrupter, lifestyle satisfaction-crusher, and financial abductor.”

“Hooked on alcohol or other drugs?—get help to straighten up before you’re straightened out.”

“Let go the mouse and get out the house.”

“Put down the remote and pick up a life.”

“The United States of America is becoming more and more a technocracy. Now

  there’s nothing inherently wrong with technology, but we should control it, it

  shouldn’t control us.

Its not about how much time you have, but how you use the time you have.

“The best gift you can give your children is a good marriage.”

“We’re supposed to build our lives around our children, not our children around

  our lives.”

“Want to cripple your children for life? Give them everything they want and fight

  all their battles.”

“The vast majority of the discriminated against don’t want handouts, just hands-off.”

Only with representative and mutual input, can representative and mutual benefit more

  likely result.


“If you think you have it bad, take a good look around you. Theres always someone

  who has it worse and would gladly trade places with you.”



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Carlton H. Oler, Ph.D., HSP, MAC, CAODC-A, BCPCC

Licensed Psychologist (PSY 20356)