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CGD for Design & Integrated Technologies

Computer Graphics & Design (CGD) interdisciplinary projects prepare students for competitive careers by helping develop problem solving and graphic communications skills. CGD technical skills and multidisciplinary knowledge enable its graduates to propose, develop, engineer, manufacture and market real and/or virtual products. CGD projects prepare students for careers that design, develop, refine, and communicate solutions using cutting edge technical design tools. CGD courses teach students to design and engineer marketable products using industry standards, applying design principles & theories, selecting appropriate materials and incorporating sustainable practices. Its graduates' portfolios demonstrate proficiency in visualization and creative problem solving within their freehand design sketches, professional working drawings and animated & rendered 3D models. These abilities make CGD graduates highly competitive for entry level positions and/or university transfer in engineering, architecture, construction management, environmental planning, industrial design, marketing and other professional fields that require expertise in graphic communications.

CGD Projects Prepare Students for Specialized Careers

Armando's KitchenCGD portfolios feature projects students design and develop tSteve Hua's Mailboxo prepare for diverse career goals. Portfolios enable students to show they possess specialized design skills and technical expertise employers and/or four-year universities expect. The projects within portfolios are reflective of the range of careers that CGD supports. For example, students' portfolios may include construction projects, electronic & mechanical devices, fashion accessories and furniture. Text supports computer aided design and 3D modeling images to communicate how to manufacture and use products. Students use relevant theories and principles to ensure products they design are aesthetically pleasing, environmental sound and specifically meet specific needs of their prospective clients.

Spring 2015 CGD courses with (Software) -- meeting times

Below are the courses, times and dates that this semester's CGD courses meet. Links above include information about this semesters' CGD courses. The CGD Program link describes CGD degrees and certificates to support specialized career and transfer options.

Technical 2D/3D Design with SolidWorks

CGD 2: 2D/3D Technical Computer Graphics I (SolidWorks) -- TTh 12:50 to 2:10

Environmental Anaysis & Design with Revit & Adobe CS6

CGD 30: Environmental Analysis & Design (Revit) Graphics (Adobe CS6) -- TTh 2:20 to 3:40back to top

CGD 8: Advanced CGD Application I -- TTh 2:20 to 3:40

CGD 9: Advanced CGD Application II -- TTh 2:20 to 3:40