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CGD 9: Advanced Computer Graphics for Design Application II

This web page supports and describes the progress of advanced Computer Graphics & Design (CGD) students.

CGD's collaborative learning environment prepares these students for careers in diverse design fields. Project-based activities help them develop design skills and apply technology. Forthcoming pages and their CGD courses provide career and transfer options, discuss theories and principles that apply to design, provide instruction on commonly used computer graphics applications and design standards, feature creative problem solving methods for design development, and address human factors issues.

Students' portfolios enable them to thoughtfully organize presentations of products they develop and design. Work within a portfolio may feature signage, electronic devices, appliances, furnishing, bridges, buildings, communities or other products that relate to a student's career goal. Students' presentations include the use of computer aided design and modeling to visually communicate their ideas. The style of products they present demonstrates their ability to incorporate elements and principles of design into their work. Students' graphics also visually communicate ways their products could be manufactured and used. The descriptive graphics of their functional products reflects that their designs are intended to serve the needs of prospective clients.