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Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T) combined with SolidWorks GD&T at Lockheed Martinparametric software supports technical positions that develop cost effective parts when designing, engineering, manufacturing, and marketing precision products. Course applies ANSI/ASME Y14.5 2009 GD&T and is essential in careers that design, engineer, manage, inspect, manufacture, and market precision equipment. Prepares students for design and integrated technology careers, including designers, drafters, engineers; CAD/CAM/CAE specialists; inspectors, machinists, technical sales and other jobs that create and/or interpret engineering drawings.

Skills necessary to enter design & engineering careers


GD&T skills are supported by the textbook for this course: The GD&T Hierarchy Y14.5-GDT Textbook2009 by Don Day from Tec-Ease Inc. that complements instruction on how to apply GD&T specialized symbology as summarized in Tec-Ease's GD&T Hierarchy Pyramid. This specialized knowledge prepares students to use GD&T to support their own projects within their portfolios to prepare for desired career goals. Portfolios provide a way to demonstrate they possess specialized design skills and technical expertise employers and/or four-year universities expect. Projects within portfolios are reflective of the range of careers that CGD supports. students' portfolios include construction projects, electronic & mechanical devices, fashion accessories and furniture. Text supports computer aided design and 3D modeling images to communicate how to manufacture high quality, cost effective, and functional products. Students use relevant theories and principles to ensure products they design are aesthetically pleasing, environmental sound and meet specialized needs of their prospective clients.

Spring 2013 GD&T courses using SolidWorks --TTh 12:50 to 2:10

Below are the courses that comprise Advanced Technology that will be using GD&T to support their design projects. Links above include information about all CGD courses. The CGD Program link describes CGD degrees and certificates to support specialized career and transfer options.

CGD 4: 2D/3D Technical Computer Graphics II


CGD 8: Advanced CGD Application I

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