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Computer Graphics & Design 4 (CGD4) uses SolidWorks parametric software as a Corinne's Design Lamp Sketchestool to produce projects that require students to design, develop, test, manufacture and market products related to their career goals. CGD4 further develops design and applied technology skills they gained in CGD 2. Project based learning requires studenCorinne's Sustainable Rendered Materialsts to apply theories & principles required to succeed in fields of engineering, technical and other design careers. CGD students develop high demand multifaceted communication skills; essentail abilities for proposing. designing, engineering, evaluating and marketing useful products. Students use freehand design sketches, apply industry standards, use SolidWorks parametric tools when applying problem solving to thoughtly create useful products that are made of sustainable materials and address human needs.

Skills necessary to enter design & engineering careers

Projects within CGD portfolios feature projects students design and develop to prepare for diverse orinnecareer goals. Portfolios enable students to show they possess specialized design sCorinne's Lampkills and technical expertise employers and/or four-year universities expect. The projects within portfolios are reflective of the range of careersCorinne McLaughli's Vitruvian Lamp Drawing that CGD supports. students' portfolios include construction projects, electronic & mechanical devices, fashion accessories and furniture. Text supports computer aided design and 3D modeling images to communicate how to manufacture and use products. Students use relevant theories and principles to ensure products they design are aesthetically pleasing, environmental sound and specifically meet specific needs of their prospective clients.back to top

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CGD Advanced Tech web page lists courses, times and dates that this semester's CGD courses meet. Links above include information about this semesters' CGD courses. The CGD Program link describes CGD degrees and certificates to support specialized career and transfer options.