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CGD 110: Computer Graphics Lab

CGD 110 enables Gavilan students to collaboate with other CGD and Digital Media students to produce portfolio projects using graphic software in our recently updated Apple computer lab supported with 24" and larger monitors.

  CGD degrees & certificates support rewarding career paths!

CGD's collaborative learning environment prepares students for careers in diverse design fields. CGD Students in Lab

Project-based activities help them develop design skills and apply technology. Forthcoming pages and their CGD courses provide career and transfer options, discuss theories and principles that apply to design, provide instruction on commonly used computer graphics applications and design standards, feature creative problem solving methods for design development, and address human factors issues.

Software Available in CGD's Lab Includes:
Adobe's Creative Suite (CS6): Dreamwaver, Flash, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop.
Microsoft Office (7&10) to apply graphic design within Excel, PowerPoint & Word.
Graphisoft's ArchiCAD Building Information Modeling (BIM).
Apple's iLife '11 includes GarageBand, iDVD, iMovie, iPhoto tools.
Google's SketchUp an easy way to create 3D models.
back to topSolidWorks to design, engineer & animate products.

CGD 110 is an open entry/exit class and may be repeated up to three times for credit. This course hasthe option of a letter grade or pass/no pass.

  Lab students MUST report lab hours weekly via iLearn & meet with instructor first week of class.

Students' portfolios enable them to thoughtfully organize presentations of products they develop and design. Work within a portfolio may feature signage, electronic devices, appliances, furnishing, bridges, buildings, communities or other products that relate to a student's career goal. Students' presentations include the use of computer aided design and modeling to visually communicate their ideas. The style of products they present demonstrates their ability to incorporate elements and principles of design into their work. Students' graphics also visually communicate ways their products could be manufactured and used. The descriptive graphics of their functional products reflects that their designs are intended to serve the needs of prospective clients.

CGD's supervised lab supports computer graphics, engineering and art courses and gives access to state-of-the-art computer graphics & design applications. Concurrent enrollment in CGD 110 with back to top arrowother CGD courses let you earn units while meeting requirements for CGD lab hours. CGD 110 helps students gain computer graphics and design competencies while completing their own visual communication projects and provides an array of tutorials to learntechniques used by computer graphic design professionals.