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Advanced Technical CGD with SolidWorksSolidWorks Logo

Advanced technical graphic design courses (CGD4, CGD6, CGD8 and CGD9) use SolidWorks parametric software as a technical tool to help students prepare for careers Masamune Kaji's Solar Cup that develop, test, manufacture and market products. These advanced CGD classes develop design and applied technical skills and knowledge introduced in CGD 2. Project-based learning requires students to apply theories and principles necessary for success in technical careers such as mechanical engineering and industrial design. CGD students gain multifaceted communication skills used to propose, design, engineer, evaluate and market products by creating freehand design sketches using industry standards while improving competencies in SolidWorks parametric tools and creative problem solving. Advanced technical students learn how to design useful products that incorporate sustainable materials that are also cost effective and aesthetically pleasing.

CGD Projects Prepare Students for Specialized Careers

CGD portfolios feature projects students design and develop to Steve Hua's Mailboxmeet career goals. Portfolios communicate specialized design skills and technical expertise employers and/or Al "Herman" Tyler's Dual Width Boatfour-year universities expect. The projects within portfolios meet the requirements of myriad careers CGD supports. For example, students' portfolios may include construction, electronic & mechanical devices, fashion accessories and furniture projects. Their work communicates how to manufacture, use and market products using an array of specialized tools from geometric dimension and tolerating (GD&T) ensuring manufactured products meet design intent to realistically rendered animations informing users about functionality. CGD students learn to apply theories and principles required to create products that are aesthetically pleasing, environmental sound and specifically meet specific needs of their prospective clients.

Spring 2013 CGD courses with (Software) -- meeting times

Below are the courses, within advanced technical strand this semester. Links above include information about all other CGD courses. The CGD Program link describes CGD degrees and certificates to support specialized career and transfer options.

CGD 4: 2D/3D Technical Computer Graphics II (SolidWorks) -- TTh 12:50 to 2:10

CGD 6: Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (SolidWorks) -- TTh 12:50 to 2:10

CGD 8: Advanced Computer Graphics for Design Application I

CGD 9: Advanced Computer Graphics for Design Application II

CGD 30: Environmental Design (ArchiCAD) -- TTh 2:20 to 3:40

CGD 110: Computer Graphics Lab (any programs in lab) -- open lab